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Wakefield Rhubarb Festival 2017

February 2017

This event I have been looking forward to for months! Thanks to Wakefield Council booking us for the 3 day event, we could then offer FREE face painting to the public.

We had so much fun and met loads of great families and familiar faces! 

Check out the #RhubarbFest on twitter and Instagram to see what went on!

Big thanks to all involved for organising such a fantastic event!

Professional Photos From Jeans Workshop

February 2017

They are here! The amazing photos by Rod Fitzpatrick at the Jeans Workshop. Both him and Zoe (the model) worked together so well to create some stunning shots!

Not long to go until my full solo body paint!

Jeans Body Painting Workshop

January 2017

I attended an amazing body paint workshop on painting jeans with Richard Nijiboer. This was a long day but I loved the end results and so lucky to have Zoe Apollo as my model!

Twisted Neck Illusion

January 2017

2017 has lots of plans for body painting! So I thought I would have a bash at an illusion paint!

Happy New Year!

January 2017

Its been a nice break, and now were back into 2017's booking. My first booking of the Year is a Christening and it feels great to be back!

Behind The Scenes - Castleford Tigers

November 2016

Check out the behind the scene video of the body paint at Castleford Tigers!

Happy Halloween 2016!

October 2016

Finally its here!!!!

12 hours of constant painting is hard work, but I love every second of it!

Thank you to all of this years customers! Hope you had a great Halloween.

Baby Bump Painting

October 2016

An old work friend is nearly due to have her baby. Normal friends would visit for a cup of tea, but I visit with my face painting kit and do my thing!

Counting Down To Halloween

October 2016

I never get to dress up at Halloween as I'm too busy making all my clients look the part. So when I get invited to an early Halloween party...... I'm on it!

Death By Prosecco

October 2016

The closer it gets to Halloween, the more excited I get! Halloween is like Christmas for me! Nothing I love more than playing with Latex, Fake Blood, Wax and Putty. Now I also have a love for Prosecco, so I thought why not combine to 2!

Castleford Tigers Body Painting

September 2016

Finally we can talk about the Castleford Tigers booked we had last month but had to keep quiet until the release of the campaign!

Castleford Tigers contacted us with their requirements for part face and body painting to promote their season tickets. As we had a short turnaround time, we took another artist called Julia Arts to assist with the challenge.

Michael Shenton, Junior Moor and Ben Roberts were the lucky 3 players to get painted! They were all great fun and were a pleasure to paint.

The campaign has seen great results from the eye catching photos with many fans not even believing it was face paint!

Westival Birthday Boy

September 2016

Westival at Dewsbury Train Station is a great music festival with local bands, real ale, great food and stalls. We offered face painting for the second year here to all the visitors which also includes those one the "Ale Train"

This birthday boy celebrating his birthday with a group of friends on the Ale Train was gently pushed into being painted as a Tiger ready for the continued fun that day.

We then got this photo message to say Thank You, and I love it!!!!

Castleford Roman Festival

September 2016

This is the first ever Roman Festival in Castleford and WOW what an event!

All the characters were so knowledgeable educating all the visitors on the history of the Romans in Castleford.


Were hoping this is back again next year! 

Coolest Dad Ever?

September 2016

Not only does this Dad dress up as Buzz Lightyear on his childs birthday. He also gets pretty flower face painting with matching glitter beard!

He is official "cool" in my book!

Back To School

September 2016

Its that time of year again! We can hear parents popping the prosecco and teachers crying "I don't want to go to school!".

But before we send them off to school in their newly purchased uniform we MUST take their photo. But not any photo.... this photo has to be done either in front of the door, fireplace or fridge!

We have all done it!!!

Flowers!!!! For me!?!

September 2016

I never get flowers, but today a client gave me these beautiful flowers as a thank you for painting at their wedding! Ever so kind and so pretty!


Wishing you both many happy years together. 

Charity 20/20 Cricket Event

August 2016

We offer our services to 3 charities every year and the 20/20 Annual Cricket Event is one of them! Organised in my hometown of Ossett, West Yorkshire this event is perfect fun for all the family whilst raising money for Wakefield Hospice!

This event is held every year and all are welcome!

Festival Themed Birthday

August 2016

This Festival loving birthday girl celebrated her surprise festival themed birthday party in their local pub garden with live music, flower headbands, wellies and best of all..... Festival Face and Body Painting!

This was such a great themed party I didn't want to leave!

Pokemon Go!

August 2016

As a face painter we have to try and keep up with the trends for kids which means watching childrens programmes, films and games.

So when the pokemon go craze hit I downloaded the game to find out what it was all about. I know have to confess its my guilty pleasure! On the plus side i get to talk to many kids who are having their face painted about what pokemon they have got and where they have found them.

So now is the time to start creating the designs, starting with the most popular pokemon.... PIKACHU!

Body Painting Second Joint Attempt

August 2016

Last year I made a new fellow face painting friend called Julia Arts who was moving up to my area and got in touch. Since then weve attended face painting events together, practiced new skills together and now were body painting together!

We got to paint another face painter, Kirsty Hardwick who had never had her body painted before, but my gosh she was like a professional!

Feel free to check out the full images or our Rio theme body paint (NUDITY NOTICE)

Check out Julia Arts Face Painting at

and Kirsty Hardwick at

Why I love what i do!

July 2016

At the Ossett Gala 2016 we had a young girl and her mum come to our stall. The mum told me her daughter only wanted to come to the gala to get her face painted, but when it came to painting her she got incredibly shy.

I was able to spend the time with her to show her the paints and the gems, talk to her about the designs we do and painted Mum first so she could see how fun it was.

After chatting with her she then let me paint a small butterfly on her face. I gave her some gems to take home for being so brave and then we saw this post on the Ossett Facebook Page!

Ossett Gala 2016

July 2016

One of my favourite galas every year and we had the pleasure of returning again!

I grew up in Ossett and have fond memories of the gala when I was younger. Now im here every year with my own stall making memories for the children (and grown ups) now.

Leg Painting

June 2016

Arm and Leg painting is becoming more and more popular, and you can see why!

Very popular for festivals and even birthday parties, matching the colour roses with the outfit make a real statement and everyone loves it!

AMAZING Princess Costumes!

June 2016

You may already know.... I LOVE PRINCESSES! I came across this video of this dad who makes these amazing transforming princess dresses. Who would not want one of these!?!

Baby Bump Painting

June 2016

I love doing bump paintings, but when I get asked to do a flowery bump painting I got super excited! The other siblings got involved helping with the glitter and gems, then obviously got their faces painted too!

Much love to your gorgeous family and your new addition xx

Queens Birthday!

May 2016

Horsforth Town Council asked us to face paint at their event for the Queens birthday with royalty themed face painting.

The sun was shining, the band was playing and there was lots of cake to be eaten (which we obviously had to help with)!

Hen Party Does Ibiza Style in York!

April 2016

Now this was a fun booking! These Geordie girls wanted Ibiza style face/body painting for their Hen Party night out in York. With the drinks flowing, hen party games and lots of glitter they all looked amazing ready to hit the town!

Thank you for booking me and all the best to the happy couple xx

First Joint Body Painting

February 2016

So.... I had my first go at a joint body paint! We were all given a part of the models body to paint with the theme of valentines and I was given the models arm.

I did what i know best..... roses! It was a great experience and I plan to work my way up to my own full body paint one day!

Ho Ho Ho!

December 2015

Christmas is coming, and so is the face painting at birthday parties! We hope you all have a lovely Christmas & a happy new year xxx

Halloween 2015

October 2015

This year we was fully booked from 10am to 2am!!! We painted for individuals going to parties, children for trick or treating and for a corporate client. We did lots more special fx this year which is great to see more and more people getting into the spooky season!

We hit 1000 likes!!!

September 2015

Our facebook page hit 1000 likes!!! We cant thank all our customers enough for the support they have given us by liking our page, sharing and most of all booking us for their events! Thank you xx

Morrisons Face Painting

August 2015

Morrisons had asked us to paint at one of their stores to help raise money for charity. We had a a great day with all the flower requests!!

3D Face/Body Painting

August 2015

3D Face/Body painting is a new technique Donnas Face Painting is working hard on. 

The results really are amazing and were looking forward to having this ready for events very soon!

Here is one example of what Donna has been working on.

Henna Now Available!

July 2015

Donnas Face Painting now offering Henna!


Henna (Botanical name: Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering plant which is native to tropical savannah and tropical arid zones in Africa, southern Asia, and Australasia.  The English name “henna comes from the Arabic “ḥinnā”. Henna refers variously to the plant, the dye preparations made from the plant and the art of decorating the body with temporary patterns or ‘tattoos’.


Henna stains are bright orange soon after application, but darken over the following two days to a mahogany brown colour.


Look out for Donnas Face Painting offering Henna tattoos at events, fairs and galas near you. 

St Austin Students Design Posters

June 2015

I attend St Austins school fairs every year and this year I was surprised with posters that the children had designed for me to display.

Great work guys!!!

Pheonix Nights Charity Event

May 2015

Got a great job today to paint some of the guys at South Kirkby cricket club for their Phoenix nights charity event! One of them being the tiger design from the programme, but luckily my face paint does wash off! Have a great night guys!!!

And The Winner Is....

April 2015

Congratulations to Becky Wright who won a surprise gift for her daughter, Lexi.


Thank you to everyone who completed surveys for us. It seems what we are currently doing is exactly what our clients want and all are happy with the service they have recieved!


If you would like to be in the chance to win prizes, visit our facebook page where we will be posting the next competition soon.

Competition Time Again

March 2015

This competition is only open to previous customers. 


Donnas Face Painting is searching for previous clients to complete a survey of the service you recieved from us at your booking. 


We want to know what we are doing well, where we can improve and what other services we can provide for our clients.


Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Every Girl Loves Bling!

February 2015

I was in need of a new mirror after my last two were too small and to be fair.... boring!


Ive spent the whole week setting individual gems to the back of my new mirror and I love it!

Happy Valentines

February 2015

Valentines Day is here! Will you be spending it over a candle lit meal with your loved one? A weekend away? Or a quiet take away and a bottle of wine?


Ive been preparing designs like this kissing frog for my local schools Valentines Disco. 

Donna Joins In The Fun!

January 2015

When I got invited to a friends Disney themed 30th Birthday Party, to say I was excited was an understatement! 


I decided on a purple minion, which you can all easily achieve at home!


I purchased majority of my costume from Ebay which included Smiffys fake teeth, cosplay goggles, black dungaree, purple jumper, purple long straight wig and purple face paint.


I back combed the straight wig and went crazy with hair spray. But im so pleased with the results.


We had a blast dancing the night away with Cinderella, Woody, Jack Sparrow, Mickey Mouse, 101 dalmations and more!

Frozen Fever

January 2015

Frozen has taken the Birthday Party scene by storm! After its release back in November 2013 so many girls are wanting Frozen themed birthday parties so all their friends can dress up as their favourite character and sign the infamous "Let it Go".


Donnas Face Painting has created various different styles of Frozen inspired designs to suit all party guests inclusing Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and snowflakes.

Competition Time!!

1st November 2014

Be in a chance to win 1 hours free face painting! 


Visit our facebook page for more details on how to win! Competition closes 8th November 2014!

Trick or Treat!

31st October 2014

Its finally here, my most busiest time of year and I love every minute of it! 

This year I was booked for sugar skulls, scary clowns, skulls, zombies, special FX and more!


Next year give your costume that wow factor and book early for your face painting or special FX!

Halloween Is Coming

October 2014

I love the Halloween season and so do many children out there! So here are some great events in the Yorkshire area that are perfect to celebrate the spooky season.


Denby Dale, Wakefield - Family Halloween Half Term Events

Farmer Copleys - Pontefract

Eureka! - Halifax

Tropical Butterfly House - Rotherham

Cannon Hall Farm - Barnsley

Holiday Inn - Barnsley

Freeport - Hornsea


If you are trick or treating this year please be safe and have fun!

Birthday Planning

September 2014

Organising your childs birthday can be stressfull! With so much to think about including the venue, cake, entertainment, party bags, games etc its no easy task!


As a Face Painter I get to meet many companies in the childrens entertainment trade. If you are looking for something specific for your little ones party aswell as face painting let me know and I can advise you on some great companies who provide,


  • Singing Elsa/Anna
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Magicians
  • Balloon Twisters
  • Princess/Pirate themed entertainment
  • Superhero themed entertainment
  • Birthday Cakes


September 2014

The North of England Dalmatian Welfare are a non profit organisation,which help dalmatians who for various reasons need a new home and is run by volunteers.


At this amazing event I helped the charity raise funds by face painting spots, spots and more spots! When I had finished I just couldnt resist staying to watch the dogs fancy dress competition!!

Bucket List

June 2014

A gentleman called me to ask about my face painting services. He advised me that he had been made redundant from his employer and that his boss had a bucket list which included "have my face painted". His boss had NEVER had her face painted before and had always wanted to be painted as a tiger!


On arrival at the office, his boss burst into tears as soon as she saw me with all my face painting kit! 


This was such a lovely booking I will remember forever! All the best to the staff in their new roles.

Our Logo Is Born

April 22, 2013

It has come to that point where Donnas Face Painting needs a business logo! At school I loved drawing words and making the letters come to life by drawing them with legs, arms, eyes etc. I wanted to bring that fun into my logo and doodled a very basic idea I had.


I then found an amazing logo designed called Simon Woodhead from Leopard Logo Design, I explained what I wanted and I waited for him to work his magic.


I am totally amazed by what he has done with my design! It's perfect and reflects what Donnas Face Painting is all about!


Thank you Simon!

Where It All Began


I'm very gratefull to Pink Pixie Parties for giving me the opportunity to work with them. Pink Pixie Parties gave me the confidence and experience I needed to get me where I am today!


Pink Pixie Parties offer many different packages to suit all children including themes such as Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Iron Man, Superhero, Tangled, Tinkerbell, Cinderella and many many more!


Check out their website here!


Thank you for everything Becky!

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